The Matthew Gaines Memorial Homepage

Matthew Gaines Initiative Committee

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Matthew Gaines Initiative is to promote and highlight the diversity of the historical foundation of Texas A&M University.

Purpose: The purpose of the Matthew Gaines Initiative (MGI) is to gain a collaborative movement of students and faculty to pay tribute to Matthew Gaines and the 12th Texas Legislature with a physical representation on Texas A&M's campus as well as educate the campus of its true and forgotten history. The initiative seeks to promote diversity on campus through highlighting its diverse past.They will do so through raising funds, putting on educational seminars, and interacting with students and faculty.

Committee Chief Directors:

Valecia Battle

Amber Briggs


Finance Team:

The main purpose of the finance team would be to raise funds for the monuments by gaining sponsorships, asking for donations from former students, and any other appropriate means.

  • Get an estimate of the total cost of the statue process
  • Set up and maintain bank account through organization
  • Plan a strategy to raise funds in an efficient and effective manner
  • Perform tasks in the aforementioned strategy

Logistics and Design Team:

The main purpose of Logistics and Design Team is to figure out all of the details involved with erecting a statue on campus.

  • Plan the timeline of events leading up to and including the expected date of proposal
  • Find an architect or designer that will design the actual statue.
  • Figure out where the statue will be placed, and how it will be placed there.
  • Find and resolve any problems in the physical aspect of erecting a statue.

Outreach Team:

The main purpose of the outreach team is to involve the Texas A&M Student body in the process of erecting the Matthew Gaines statue, by educating the student body of the importance and historical context of Matthew Gaines and the 12th Texas Legislature.

  • Research Matthew Gaines and the 12th Texas Legislature
  • Prepare education materials for students and/or faculty
  • Plan and host any necessary functions in relation to raising student awareness
  • Relay information to media outlets, such as television, web, and paper